Automated Cloud Backups

Our branded cloud backup solution provides white-label client software and cloud storage, which allows your business to run a completely customizable enterprise backup service.

This service is perfect for:

Retail Tech Support
Provide your clients with additional value after they’ve left the store! White-label software on their machines keeps their data secure off-site and reminds them of your brand, and customizable subscription models provide you with recurring revenue.

IT Providers & MSPs
Increase your value by providing your clients with a low-cost branded cloud or hybrid-cloud backup solution.

Protect your critical data from loss by keeping backups in the cloud. End-to-end encryption ensures your data is protected, even from us!

Wholesale Pricing

One-Time Fee

Initial Setup: $250

This covers getting your services online and all client software branded with your own logos, texts, etc. This fee is waived with large initial deployments (onboarding 100+ workstation clients within 90 days).

Experimax Franchisees: Get in touch for waived setup fees and discounted rates.

Simple Monthly Pricing

Workstation Pricing

Pricing starts at $9/client/month. This includes:

  • 500 GB Cloud Backup Storage
  • Unlimited Devices
  • White-Label Client Software

Storage is pooled between all of an end-user’s devices, but is not pooled between users.

Additional Storage

Additional storage space is available at an affordable price on a per user basis. Storage is available at three different pricing tiers:

Storage PriceSavingsSuggested Retail Price:
per 100GB
per month
$0.02 x 100 =
100% Markup
per 500GB

per month
Save 9%$0.02 x 100 =
122% Markup
per 1000GB

per month
Save 24%$0.02 x 1000 =
150% Markup

Archive Replication Storage

Our standard storage is stored at 99.999999999% durability in a single datacenter location. For maximum data safety, you can optionally replicate your clients’s data to a secondary location. This storage is a pool usable by your entire client base, but may not be directly backed up to.

TierStorage PriceFree RestoreStandard RestoreBulk Restore
Immediately accessible replica
per 1TB
per month
Best for long-term storage
per 1TB
per month
1GB per month
1-5 Hours
per add’l 1GB

1-5 Hours
per add’l 1GB

5-24 Hours

Alternatively, automatic replication can be implemented to your own storage provider for a one-time setup fee of $250 per storage server.